About the Project

Travelgo is a global travel service that is based in Ireland and provides a wide range of booking options, including hotels, flights, transfers, and more. As a passionate designer, I was excited to collaborate with Travelgo in 2019 to completely redesign their brand identity and online presence, including UI/UX design. The goal was to develop a sleek, modern platform that would resonate with customers and provide a better booking experience.

To kick off the project, I first worked on redesigning Travelgo’s logo. The previous logo was outdated and didn’t convey the company’s mission of providing top-notch travel experiences. I wanted to create a logo that was fresh, modern, and captured the essence of travel and exploration. After several iterations, we settled on a logo that was a perfect reflection of the company’s values and vision.

Travelgo Limited
Zoltan Gothard
UI/UX Designer
Graphic Designer
Logo Designer

Old Travelgo Logo

  • Not visually appealing or eye-catching
  • Does not accurately reflect the brand’s values or personality
  • Difficult to read or recognize
  • Uses outdated design trends or color schemes
  • Too complex or cluttered

New Travelgo Logo

  • Cleaner, simpler design that is easier to read and recognize
  • More visually appealing color scheme
  • More modern and up-to-date design
  • Reflects the brand’s values and personality more accurately
  • Makes the brand stand out and be more memorable


Next, I worked on the hotels page. I wanted to create a visually stunning page that would inspire visitors and help them make informed booking decisions. I developed a clean, user-friendly design that made it easy for users to navigate and find the information they needed. I used a lot of high-quality imagery to showcase the beauty of the destinations Travelgo offered, and I also integrated easy-to-use booking tools to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Landing Page and Search Results.

Hotel Page and Room Selection.

Mobile version of pages.

Mobile responsive design of hotel page.


After completing the redesign of Travelgo’s hotel booking page, I turned my attention to the Flights page. Using the brand identity that I had developed, I implemented a clean, modern design that simplifies the process of booking air travel. I started by designing a user interface that makes it easy for users to search for flights, select their preferred travel dates, and filter results by price, airline, and other factors. I also incorporated clear calls to action and a streamlined checkout process, which helps to reduce friction and encourages users to complete their bookings. The end result is a user-friendly Flights page that provides a seamless booking experience for Travelgo’s customers.

Flights Landing Page.


During the design process of Travelgo’s website, it was a pleasure to work alongside the CEO, Attila Gabor Horvath, who brought a strong vision and great ideas to the table. His feedback was constructive and helped us achieve the optimal design solution. Working with the skilled development team also played a significant role in bringing the project to fruition. Together, we delivered a top-notch travel service platform that reflects the brand’s identity and delivers an intuitive user experience.

Flights passenger details and additional services.


The redesigned Transfers page for Travelgo follows the same design consistency and user-focused approach as the Hotels and Flights pages, providing a visually engaging and intuitive interface that simplifies the process of booking ground transportation. The page features a streamlined search process, clear calls to action, and a simplified checkout experience, providing a seamless booking journey for Travelgo’s customers.

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