About the Project

As the designer for Tiba Of Sweden, my focus was to create a brand identity that aligned with the company’s values and mission. I aimed to design a visual identity that would appeal to conscious consumers who are passionate about the environment and sustainable living.

To achieve this, I incorporated natural tones and clean, minimalistic design elements to reflect the company’s commitment to environmentalism. The typography used in the logo was carefully chosen to convey a sense of simplicity and elegance, while the brand’s messaging was crafted to highlight the company’s dedication to ethical and sustainable production practices.

The end result was a brand identity that successfully communicated Tiba Of Sweden’s core values and unique selling proposition, and helped to establish the company as a leading provider of sustainable products in the Swedish market.

Tiba of Sweden
Zoltan Gothard
Graphic Designer
Logo Designer
Webshop Designer

Color & Style

I chose Castleton Green and Mint colors for the logo because Castleton Green represents growth and sustainability, while Mint conveys freshness and natural elements. Together, these colors can evoke a feeling of eco-friendliness and a commitment to environmental preservation, which aligns with the values of the sustainable-focused company that I designed the logo for.



Castleton Green




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